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About Cedesa

Chemical packing solutions and chemical products manufacturer

Cedesa Ltd was formed in 1988 as a partial management buy-out of the Loctite (UK) packaging operation.

We have extensive experience and knowledge of all forms of adhesives and adhesives manufacturing, sealants, and automotive aftercare products, which we supply on an own-brand or unlabelled basis to many of the well-known names and brands in the UK, European and Global markets; both industrial and retail. There are very few adhesive manufacturing brands that Cedesa does not supply, and such is the proliferation of industrial and retail brands offering adhesives now, we have literally hundreds of customers.

Cedesa's production facilities include a wide range of filling and packing equipment for tubes, bottles, syringes and single or 2 part cartridges (co-axial and side by side), vacuum forming, labelling and blister packing. We are also experts at adhesive manufacturing. Our specialisms include epoxy manufacturing, anaerobics and sealants, and UVs, as well as having unique formulations for many more products.

Our Specialist Areas


  • Two-component 2k cartridge filling
  • Single-component cartridge or syringe filling
  • Fill any type, size, shape, ratio or cartridge
  • Work with all major cartridge manufacturers
  • Low MOQs
  • Can label cartridges in-house

Cedesa fills a range of single-component and two-component adhesives into cartridges. Being very much one of our strengths, we can deal with all of the main manufacturers of two-component cartridges and can help source the correct cartridge and mixer nozzles to meet your requirements.



  • Can manufacture our own labels
  • Low MOQs
  • In-house design
  • Can produce customers’ MSDS in any language

Cedesa is all about producing its ‘own label’ for its customers. As a result, we label many of our packages either from sheet by hand or fully automated online from a reel. Labelling production.

We can assist our customers with help in design (as we have our own studio) if they are looking to produce a brand or image from scratch.



  • Manufacture our own bespoke blisters
  • Can blister-pack any shape and size of product
  • Low MOQs
  • Manufacture our own outer cases

Cedesa blister-packs a wide variety of products for many of the major multiple retailers in the UK, Europe and globally, as well as for many blue-chip industrial brands. We can produce any own-label product on a card, can manufacture our own blister tooling in house and can accommodate any shape or size of packaging. Blister packing. We have a full range of blisters to accommodate all sizes of tubes, bottles and more.


Chemical Toll Manufacturing

Cedesa provides contract manufacturing services to customers. This where a manufacturer, such as an adhesive manufacturer, joins a partnership with another manufacturer or company to produce parts or products such as adhesive labels and packaging to complete their own item. Contract manufacturing is great for both sides of the business and creates a relationship between two successful companies. Other benefits of contract manufacturing include being able to manufacture to a larger scale with increased flexibility as you are able to concentrate on other areas of your business. You can also save on costs by maximising profits as your stock increases