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Adhesive packing solutions and adhesive products manufacturer.

Cedesa Ltd was formed in 1988 as a partial management buy-out of the Loctite (UK) packaging operation.

We have extensive experience and knowledge of all forms of adhesives, sealants, and automotive aftercare products, which we supply on an own-brand or unlabelled basis to many of the well-known names and brands in the UK, European and Global markets; both industrial and retail. There are very few adhesive brands that we do not supply, and such is the proliferation of industrial and retail brands offering adhesives now, we have literally hundreds of customers.

Cedesa's production facilities include a wide range of filling and packing equipment for tubes, bottles, syringes and single or 2 part cartridges (co-axial and side by side), vacuum forming, labelling and blister packing. We also manufacture a range of adhesives from anaerobics, epoxies and UV’s, as well as having unique formulations for many more products.

Adhesive Manufacturing

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Our Specialist Areas

Cedesa supplies almost every form of adhesive, from water-based products like PVA’s, to epoxies, cyanoacrylate/superglues, acrylics/methyl methacrylates, anaerobics (Threadlockers, Retainers), silicone sealants, solvent-based products (contact adhesive, all purpose and end use specific products for leather, plastic, ceramic, rubber etc), polyurethanes, UV curing, MS Polymer and many chemical technologies.

We manufacture a number of these ourselves and own unique formulations for many others.

Our Products

As a supplier of adhesive products, Cedesa also produces and packages a number of complementary chemical products for its customers:

Rust treatment, polishes, waxes, oils, screenwash, antiseize, greases, cleaners, primers, activators.

All of these products are supplied into retail markets like DIY, Hardware and Stationery, as well as industrial markets like construction, engineering, electronics, automotive, marine etc.

We are ISO 9001:2015 compliant and have now held the standard for 25 years.

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Call 01462 480 764 or EMAIL US for a quote for filling your products into tubes, bottles, cartridges or blister packs.

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