Can manufacture labels
Low MOQs
In-house design
Can produce customers’ MSDS in any language

We can provide labels so you don’t have to, manufacturing labels cuts time for your business as well as avoiding paying extra for someone else to do the service separately. We stick to your brand guidelines in order to retain and reflect your business ideologies.

Our offering of low minimum order quantity means you don’t have limits on how little you need. If you only need a small quantity of labels we can provide you with smaller amounts than other companies offer, meaning you get professional industry-standard products without the need for industry sized orders.

Having our own experienced and talented in-house designers means you get the full package and save on time designing and costs using another company for this service, we cut out the need for further external parties and shorten the supply chain for higher efficiency and an all-round smoother process.

We want your business to strive, our labelling adhesives can be printed in any language in order to sell to many customers worldwide. This helps to expand your target market and increase sales, therefore the profit and success of your business.

White Label Labelling Production

Cedesa is all about producing ‘own labels’ for its customers. As a result, we label many of our packages either from sheet by hand or fully automated online from a reel.

White label packaging provides a time-saving solution for companies that want to stick to simplicity and allows products to be sold by multiple retailers. We can assist our customers with help in design (as we have our own studio) if they are looking to produce a brand or image from scratch.

We meet harsh deadlines and production demands

Many of our labels are designed and produced in-house just-in-time to meet production demands. We meet requirements for short- or long-run order demand or flexibility, where customers supply products into the global, multi-language marketplace and require numerous different language labels for the same pack type.

Printing on demand service

For many customers, increasing compliance and the complexity that this adds relating to ensuring that every health and safety requirement is met on a label means that space can be tight. Printing on demand, in house for us alleviates the need for us to print and hold stock of expensive multi-language labels for some customers, thereby offering them much-needed flexibility and reducing their liability to significant stock holding of labels with us.

Live software that updates health and safety data sheets

We also have ‘live’ software which updates MSDS (health and safety data sheets) for any chemical product we produce. We are able to offer our customers their own updated datasheets in any language for the full range of chemicals they sell.
White labelling isn’t the only form of packaging solutions we provide. Our other packaging solutions include adhesive packing & filling, tube filling, bottle filling, and cartridge filling.