Adhesive Packing

With more than 25 years of experience in adhesive packing adhesive packaging, there isn't a packaging format that we are not familiar with at Cedesa. We are the leading supplier in this niche market that is able to fully fulfil every one of our customer's packaging and packaging needs, through from concept to creation. At Cedesa, we successfully manufacture, fill and pack, all to our customer's bespoke requirements.

At Cedesa, we fill single-component and two-component cartridges into many different pack sizes and ratios to our customer's requirements. We are also able to fill plastic and aluminium tubes, bottles, cans, and sachets, so no matter the nature of the job, we can fulfil it. We manufacture our own blisters for blister-packing in house, as well as our own clam-shells.

Our in house team also manufacturer our own corrugated cartons and labels, saving our customers money by reducing the length of the supply chain, and at the same time, improving customer service by being in greater control of the supply chain, and thereby reducing lead times.

Contract Filling

We use industrial machines to quickly and effectively fill large quantities at a time, ensuring that your product is produced at a fast and efficient rate, while still maintaining the high levels of quality associated with Cedesa. We can also provide contract bottle filing services if that is what is required by our customers.

In addition, we contract fill a number of non-complementary chemical products, such as waxes, detergents, inks, dyes and cleaners, into a wide variety of industry types. Our chemical environment means that we are already set up to help industrial users and brands overcome the issue of finding a filler/packer that can help with their finished packs. This increases efficiency for your business and means you have an experienced manufacturing and adhesive packing company to guarantee your guidelines are met.

Other Contract Filling Services

We also provide labelling solutions to adhesive brands. We really are the full package when it comes to adhesive packing. We also manufacture adhesives as well as provide adhesive packing and filling services. You can discover the different types of packaging and how they are made on our handy blog, which covers adhesive news and industry updates.