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Cedesa supplies epoxy in three forms: liquid, paste and putty.

Cedesa are experts when it comes to manufacturing and supplying epoxy, and can package its liquid form in many ways, including: tubes, tins, bottles and two-component cartridges, syringes or bags. Standard pack sizes such as 25ml, 50ml and 400ml in 1:1 ratio cartridges are the most common, but we also cater for many other packs from 3ml retail syringe packs up to 1.5ltr cartridges for industrial applications. We can also fulfil many other ratios, including 1.5:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1. For our retail customers, we can also fill a number of 2-aluminium tube blister-packs, as well as twin-bottle packs for modelling and craft brands.

We fill many of the recognised consumable epoxies in liquid form, such as a clear 5-minute cure, a clear 30-minute cure and metal-filled epoxy (black, white and/or grey). Many of these are products that are far more recognisable under well-established brands, but in many cases are from formulations owned by Cedesa, and produced here over many years in some cases.

We have worked with a number of customers to gain OEM approval into a number of manufacturers and organisations, including Volkswagen, BMW, Volvo, JCB and the MOD.

Cedesa supply our epoxy putty in a co-extruded form with hardener and resin side by side, as two separate components in strips or with one inside the other, in ‘sticks’ or ‘tape’ format. We cut all of these cut to our customers’ required sizes. Epoxy sticks are generally supplied in 3″ or 7″ lengths and cover nine types: aqua, steel, aluminium, copper, plastic, concrete, wood, titanium and general purpose. They are manufactured to cater specifically for these types of substrates. Co-extruded putties are also manufactured to our formulations for end-use-specific applications such as ‘plumberfix’ and ‘petrol tank repair’ products..

Cedesa also produces cable gland epoxy (EP2132 and 2122) in various pack sizes. This product is exclusive to Cedesa (having purchased the technology from Winn & Coales more than 20 years ago) and is recognised as the industry standard for compound cable joint sealing and barrier glands (BASEEFA approved) for hazardous areas and is used by all the major manufacturers of electrical cable glands. These are ranges of hand-mixable, UL- approved, epoxy putty products that mix in minutes and resist numerous chemicals in potentially explosive environments.