High quality
Most grades held in stock pre-packed
Supplied to many high-end, high-tech manufacturers
Every recognised form of packaging filled

Cedesa fills and supplies every known form of superglue or cyanoacrylate (as it is chemically known) that has been commercially developed in order to meet our customers’ requirements.

There are many variations involving numerous modifications to achieve the desired specification. For example, we can supply flexible cyanoacrylates, rapid-curing cyanoacrylates, rubber-toughened black cyanoacrylates, pink-coloured cyanoacrylates (for finger nails) and blue-coloured cyanoacrylates (security bonding and marking), as well as many others specifically for metal bonding or cosmetic applications that are low odour or non-blooming.

Many of these products have industrial end uses, being used in the manufacture of highly-specified electronic technology, such as smart phones or smart televisions from the world’s best-known manufacturers, as well as being filled and supplied in tubes and blister-packs for retail consumers in the world’s largest DIY and hardware stores and supermarkets.

Cedesa also helped develop the first mitre adhesives using superglue and an activator, as well as offering retail consumers multi-pack, single-use 0.5gm superglue tubes as a first.

Superglues can be packaged into: aluminium tubes from 0.5gm upwards; round bottles from 5gm upwards; oval bottles from 5gm up to 125gm; and 300ml cartridges for gel cyanoacrylates. We blister-pack many of these pack sizes for existing own brands.