Bottle Filling

Plastic bottle filling

Perfect for a quicker and money-saving solution, flexible and durable packaging for adhesives

Glass bottle filling

An environmentally friendly solution, glass bottles also look more aesthetic to some consumers and can be a great way to attract environmentally conscious customers where the type of packaging is important to them

Aluminium bottles

We also fill aluminium bottles. Aluminium bottles are stronger than plastic bottles, more lightweight than glass, and recyclable - also drawing in eco-friendly clients

Fill any size

If your product comes in small quantities or large containers, we can fill to any size with various dimensions and fit to your bespoke brand guidelines

Low MOQs

As we have a low minimum order quantity, you can order fewer bottles if you don’t need larger industry-standard quantities, making this a perfect solution whatever your requirements

Bottles labelled or printed with your own brand

Personalised to your needs, we make your bottles for YOU! All while maintaining professional and high-quality standards and done in-house for a shorter supply chain

We supply many bottle varieties

Cedesa fills a complete range of bottle styles and can match any customer’s requirements. We have a large number of bottle filling machines, including multi-head, single-head, automated and semi-automated machines that can produce large quantities in little time. So if your business takes off, we’re prepared.

Capabilities start with small intricate bottles and vials, moving up to larger pack sizes such as 1-litre bottles. Bottles come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and plastics in order to accommodate different chemical types, as well as a wide variety of caps and closures to meet all types of dispensing needs.

Cedesa fills a whole range of adhesives, cleaners, and polishes as well as many other chemical products.

Because our speciality is producing own-label packs for our customers, we have many of our bottles pre-printed to meet their branding requirements, or they can also be labelled online. This saves crucial time and energy spent on getting the requirements right, knowing they are safe and accurate with Cedesa allows you to focus on other areas of your business marketing.
Typically, printed bottles will have an MOQ of 10,000 but we may be able to fulfil an order as low as 5,000. With an agreement in place, we are willing to hold stock of any raw material subject to customer forecast over an agreed period, and therefore offer the flexibility of smaller but more regular orders.
Bottle filling isn’t the only form of packaging solutions we provide. Our other packaging solutions include adhesive packing & filling, tube filling, blister packing, and cartridge filling to accommodate a range of industries.