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Blister Packing

Manufacture our own bespoke blisters and blister packaging
Can blister-pack any shape and size of product
Low MOQs (Minimum Order Quantity) on all of our blister packaging
Manufacture our own outer cases

Blister packing services for a range of global industries

Cedesa blister-packs a wide variety of products for many of the major multiple retailers in the UK, Europe and globally, as well as for many blue-chip industrial brands. Cedesa provides blister pack manufacturing, and can produce any own-label product on a card, can manufacture our own blister tooling in house and can accommodate any shape or size of blister packaging.

What is blister packaging used for?

Due to the strong durability of blister packaging, it is perfect for pharmaceuticals or medicines, electronics, and toys as it can be sealed securely and requires more force or tools such as scissors to get into. The added protection means the contents are safer from moisture and other damage.

How is blister packaging created?

Blister packaging is manufactured by heating sheets of plastic so that they mould to the product. Creating a seal on the edge, it forms a pocket around the item which is similar to how a blister protects a wound.

Blister packing varieties

We have a full range of retail blister packaging to accommodate all sizes of tubes, bottles and cartridges. From superglue bottles to aluminium tubes, we have many blister packaging types already covered in our stock blister types. There is a range of blister-packing machinery (automated and semi-automated) to produce this work and we are very flexible in our approach to long-run/short-run work, producing as little as 1,000 lots if required. Cedesa also thermoforms its own blisters and clam-shells in house, thereby enabling us to reduce costs and lead times on your blister packaging. We also manufacture all of our outer cases internally on a full range of corrugated cardboard case converters, with boxes being stitched or glued, as well as being able to design and manufacture any form of die-cut outer carton.

Blister packaging and more

Blister card packaging isn’t the only form of packaging solutions we provide. Our other packaging solutions include adhesive packing & filling, tube filling, bottle filling, and cartridge filling. Cedesa also provides labelling solutions to chemical and adhesive brands. Not only this, but we take part in contract filling to non-complementary chemical products, such as waxes, detergents, inks, dyes, and cleaners, into a wide variety of industry types. Browse our site for more information on the different types of services Cedesa provides or contact us today using the button below.