29 September 2023

Unparalleled proprietary performance: Cedesa marks 36 months as an Employee Owned Trust

It’s been almost three years since we put our teams at the centre of all we do and transitioned the business into an Employee Owned Trust […]
9 August 2023

Cedesa takes production to a new level with fast and furious new tube filler

For a packaging company to remain at the forefront of the industry it serves, it must build cutting-edge technology and operational efficiency into its production cycle. […]
11 July 2023

Celebrating 35 Years of Innovation and Growth: Cedesa’s Journey

For more than three decades, Cedesa has been at the forefront of innovation and excellence in the manufacturing industry. So, how did we get here?
15 November 2021
removing super glue

What Breaks Down Super Glue Adhesive?

Super glue is a great substance, ideal for creating a strong bond without the need for clamping and in some cases, the use of nails such […]
25 October 2021

5 Benefits To Choosing Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy has been a popular choice of flooring within the warehouse industry and in garages for many years, with its favourable and unique features making it […]
6 October 2021
Common Superglue Questions

Common Super Glue Questions

Super glue and adhesives in general can come in all shapes and sizes, with different superglues designed for different tasks. All these complicated adhesives come with […]
9 October 2020
Packaging types and how it is made | Cedesa

How Is Packaging Made & What Types Are There?

Packaging comes with almost everything you buy, be it food from the supermarket to the box your latest phone comes in. Packaging can be seen as […]
9 October 2020
Packaging types and how it is made | Cedesa

D.I.Y Glue Making Methods

How to Make Glue? Glue comes in many strengths, variations, and brands. The sticky mixture can help repair broken china, create pieces of art, join furniture […]
9 October 2020
Common Superglue Questions

Everything you need to know about glue

Glue, it is that super sticky, ever useful bonding agent that helps us join objects together and repair our broken belongings. When thinking about glue, it […]
9 October 2020
Common Superglue Questions

What is Super Glue and How is it Made?

We have all heard of superglue, and many of us have experienced first-hand just how strong its bond can be. During the Great War, superglue was […]
9 October 2020
Common Superglue Questions


What Is The History of Adhesives? When we talk about adhesives, the first word that comes to most people’s minds is ‘glue’. Without adhesives, the world […]
9 October 2020


  The Stickiest Things On Earth The world is full of some pretty sticky substances, some of which are useful, and others perhaps not so much. […]