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Some Of The World's Stickiest Things

The Stickiest Things On Earth

The world is full of some pretty sticky substances, some of which are useful, and others perhaps not so much. For the purpose of this article, we are going to run through several of the stickiest substances known to man and which serve some sort of purpose or another in everyday application.


What Is The Stickiest Animal?

Before we begin, one animal that is famous for its gravity-defying sticky feet is the gecko. Geckos, in fact, have the stickiest feet of all living animals, but it's not all just to do with adhesive-like properties, but down to the millions of micro-folds in the feet of the gecko that provides a large area of surface contact.


What Are The Stickiest Everyday Products?
So, back to the stickiest things on earth. The first, and most likely the most obvious thing we are going to say is super glue. Super glue is one of the stickiest substances created by man and has enough bonding power that you can actually glue a table to the ceiling. Now that is sticky.

Another super sticky creation of man is the glue strips and glue boards that are used to capture and kill vermin such as rats, cockroaches, and flies. If this pest glue was placed on a board of 2 meters x 2 meters and a human was placed in the middle of it, they would find themselves well and truly stuck.

Epoxy glue and other adhesives such as No More Nails are also strong enough to create a bond between materials that renders 2 separate objects as 1 once bonded. Some other sticky substances that we enjoy are things such as treacle and golden syrup. Anyone who has ever encountered golden syrup will know just how much it enjoys sticking to everything it touches.

Aside from adhesives and food products, other products that we take advantage of on a daily basis that is sticky are styling products such as hair gel and Hairspray. Both of these adhere to the hair and hold it in a stuck fast position until washed out.


Back to food products, cooking oil and fat can become an issue and cause pans to burn and have food stick to them. Products such as Teflon help prevent anything sticking to them and allow food to easily be cleaned away afterwards.

Sticky liquids are around us everywhere, from the back of a stamp to the components of your mobile phone.