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Tube Filling

  • Aluminium tube filling
  • Plastic tube filling
  • Fill tubes of all sizes
  • Low MOQs
  • Tubes printed with your own brand

Cedesa fills aluminium tubes and plastic tubes. Aluminium tubes are often referred to as ‘toothpaste style’ although they can be manufactured in a range of styles, including open or closed nozzle and with various nozzle lengths and tube diameters to suit different products.

Aluminium tube

Plastic tubes come in a variety of specified plastics depending upon the product to be filled, as well as with co-extruded barriers for more aggressive chemicals. They are sealed either by direct contact heat or by hot air.

Plastic tube

We fill a whole range of adhesives, cleaners and polishes as well as other chemical products.

There is a range of tube-filling machinery (automated and semi-automated) on site to meet all of our customers’ requirements.

Capabilities range from filling 0.5ml tubes to 250ml tubes, of wide-ranging viscosities. Because our speciality is producing own-label packs for our customers, we produce a filled range of millions of different printed tubes each year (as well as plain if required). Please bear in mind that printed tubes in your own livery are subject to a 10,000 minimum purchase amount, although we are able to hold stock and take call-off orders, subject to contract or agreement.

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